Our Method

We believe that the school campus is the largest mission field in the country with over 26 million students across the nation. What makes Youth Alive unique is the way that we help students to Share their Faith Better. Rather than rely on Youth Alive to plant various versions of itself we understand that it is our calling to support and resource the local church, specifically their students to accomplish the goal of sharing the Gospel. It is very easy for adult leaders to try and lead from the front and make an impact on their own, although that is good we believe the most significant impact happens when we resource the students to make the changes themselves. Youth Alive creates resources that can be used both in person and on your own. We love visiting groups, speaking, doing workshops, and coaching. We also put equal effort in our downloadable resources, pdfs, videos, podcasts, prayer guides, and more.

We believe that if we resource students and challenge them to own their faith and their campus that their creativity and passion will far outstrip our own. If we encourage them, that they are the greatest tool for making disciples. Every resource we create, every speaking opportunity we have we are trying to leverage to our Core 4 outcomes.

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Our Core 4

Campus Missionaries

We empower students in churches to be missionaries to their friends. A campus missionary is a student who commits to Share Jesus wherever the campus of his or her life may be.

Campus Movements

A movement happens when Campus Missionaries work together to share the Gospel at school and beyond.

Initiating Prayer

Mobilizing the church to pray for students, schools, and Youth Alive ministry.


Creatively resourcing Youth Alive movements, Youth ministries and churches to share the Gospel with student communities through events and initiatives, as well as connecting churches to schools for meaningful relationship.

Our People


They are the lynch pin for everything that we do. Middle and High school students that want to make a difference and become campus missionaries.


It all starts with leadership. Whether a full time pastor or part-time volunteer we are here to help your group or student understand the importance of sharing their faith and make doing so more accessible.


We work through churches plain and simple. When a church values the schools around it good things happen. Making those connections and maximizing your opportunities to serve are areas we try to resource.